Our Acting Classes

Clarence and Alexa work closely together so that both classes work compatibly side by side in a constructive manner. This devised program gives a comprehensive step by step development for the individual to enhance and enrich their skills in storytelling.  

A Physical And Psychological Approach

Tuesday, 19h00 to 22h30 at Le Pavé d’Orsay with Alexa

The acting class will aim to develop a deeper understanding of the individual’s instrument and therefore secure the correct inner state of being, open the doors of the subconscious by means of which one can bring to performance the spontaneity of actual life.

Students will learn tools such as body awareness, strengthening of the core, relaxation techniques and improvised exercises all to free them physically and emotionally, providing a basis for complete identification with the character.

With focus on character analysis and transformation, the actor will grow as an artist and storyteller. In an environment of trust and mutual respect, the ensemble will work and grow together, enhancing the skills of Concentration, Relaxation and Observation.

From the amazing work of Yat Malmgren and his movement psychology later known as character analysis, the students will gain an understanding of how to access the inner life of the character and how through physical and vocal expressions, both character and story is revealed. Tools in accessing the emotional inner life of the actor will be explored through exercises devised by Lee Strasberg, Uta Hagen and Reuven Adviv.

Alexa provides her personal touch to the classes with an emphasis on directing the students and collaborating with them on a devised production piece which becomes the focus of the class. Therefore, the student experiences what it’s like to be part of a company and actively participates in the process of creating and performing a story.

Everything we touch or deal with is a point outside of ourselves and the strongest energy productions must be motivated by things we are moved towards or away from strongly. We think we are just dealing with people. No. What is the idea?” – Yat Malmgren, January 1988

Foundations Of Film Acting

Wednesday, 19h00 to 22h30 at Le Pavé d’Orsay with Clarence

The gratification comes in the doing, not in the results.”– James Dean

The class focuses on learning the many ins and outs of acting on camera in a constructive and creative environment. It is designed to immerse the actor in the craft of acting and how to apply it to film and commercial work.

The actors will work on developing particular skills enabling them to incorporate their own personality and knowledge, with which they can share on camera. The objective of the class is to have actors build a solid foundation of acting techniques. Building those techniques will develop their professional journey both on film and in theatre.

Actors will learn: 

  • Ensemble work 
  • Character work
  • Self-tape/Audition skill exercises
  • Scene and monologue work
  • Hands-on camera technique
  • Body centering and relaxation 
  • Movement psychology 
  • Skills in storytelling 
  • Strasberg Method


During the course of the year you will have the opportunity to attend our workshops in voice and breath and to work with a movement specialist.

Ensemble Collaborative Work

Each year, the Acting Ensemble works collaboratively to create a performance piece which is then showcased to the public.

Requirements For Entry

Audition and interview will be required for entry into the Acting Ensemble. A 2-minute monologue of your choice: classical, contemporary or personally written from either film or theatre, preferably in English, will be required at audition.


Acting classes are held weekly Tuesday and Wednesday from 19h00 to 22h30 at Le Pavé d’Orsay, 48 rue de Lille, 75007 in Paris. 

The Acting Ensemble Paris

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